A Lesson from the Birds

I've been quite busy since I last posted.  I had to get my big project completed and mailed.  I did some quick and easy projects to include as gifts as well.  I plan to get them posted, but it will take some time.  Last weekend was my off weekend and I was able to get some much needed cleaning done.  It snowed Thursday through Saturday (it might have snowed on Sunday, but I can't remember).

Saturday morning I woke up with a headache.  I thought it was because I needed more sleep so I went back to sleep.  When I woke up later, it was still there and ibuprofen didn't take it away.  It was quite a while and a large iced latte later before it finally was gone.  In the meantime, I was a bit edgy.  The cold and snow didn't help my outlook either.

After the headache went away, I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard the birds singing.  I hadn't realized it had stopped snowing, but I figured that it had and the birds were out playing in the apple tree.  However, a quick look out the window confirmed that it was still snowing.  The birds were singing despite the snow.

Had they just started singing?  Maybe they had been singing all day and I just hadn't heard them.  Whatever the case, the Holy Spirit used them as a gentle reminder that I needed to be praising God, even when the weather didn't agree with the calendar.

I then remembered this little song from childhood:

The birds upon the tree top sing their song
The angels chant their chorus all day long.
The flowers in the garden, blend their hue.
So why shouldn't I, why shouldn't you
Praise Him too?

What a reminder to praise the Lord!


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