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Update on Life

Hey everybody.  It's been quite a while since I posted because life has been so crazy! I know that I mentioned something in a YouTube video about what was going to be happening with our family, but just realized that I didn't really let you know clearly here on the blog, so here goes...

In the middle of May, I learned of a job opportunity nearly 1400 miles from where we were living.  It was a great opportunity and after much prayer we decided to pursue it.  The new hospital flew me out to interview at the beginning of June and we knew they would be making an offer before we even left.  Over the next several weeks, we packed up the house, wrapped up my job, packed what my husband would need to move his office with us and headed across the country with 2 kids, a dog, a cat and 3 vehicles.  We were so busy getting things wrapped up in our old home, that there wasn't time to really get a home on the other end.

Now I know that sounds crazy, but we knew that the Lord was in this…