Best Dishes Cookbook - Front and Back Covers

Finally, we now get to the fun part of the project.  I'm going to start with the cover.  Keep checking back for the rest of the project.  I think you'll enjoy this one!

2 pieces of chipboard cut at 7.5" X 9.5"
DCWV Nana's Kitchen and Cotton Bloom stacks
American Crafts Specialty Ribbon (velvet and shimmery organza - terra cotta color)
Charm (from Walmart jewelry making section, "Cousins" brand)
Color Box "Evergreen" pigment ink and "Chestnut Roan" chalk ink pad
Tim Holtz "Terra Cotta" alcohol ink
Tim Holtz "trinket pin"
Tan cardstock (from stash)
Excelsior black ink pad
Adhesives - spray and your favorite adhesive

Paper Trimmer
ATG tape runner (or other adhesive)
Corner Rounder
"Handmade" stamp
Eyelet setter or other hole punch
TIm Holtz ink applicator tool

1.  Determine placement of holes based on the hole spacing of the photo sheets you will be using.  Punch holes in your card stock (I used my 3-hole punch on this step).
2.  Cut the card stock for both front and back covers.  I chose 2 different pieces from the DCWV Cotton Blooms stack for the outside of the front and back covers and 2 pieces of card stock from the Nana's Kitchen stack for the inside of the covers.  These were all cut at 7 5/8" wide X 9 5/8" tall as I didn't want to see the chipboard that would be sandwiched between.

Front cover:
Outside -
1.  Using the Tim Holtz "terra cotta" alcohol ink, ink your heart charm and set aside to dry.
2.  Using tan card stock, print the phrase "Best Dishes".  I used Microsoft Word, Monotype Corsiva at 68 pt for this step.  Cut the paper around your phrase to 4 6/8" wide by 1 3/8" high.  Round off corners using a corner rounder.  Ink around the edges with "chestnut roan" chalk ink pad.  Attach to cardstock.
3.  Cut a piece of terra cotta colored organza ribbon long enough to go across the front cover and around to the back.  Attach ends of the ribbon to the back of the front cover using transparent tape or adhesive of your choice.
4.  Cut a smaller piece of the ribbon and run through the eye of your charm.  Tie it onto the ribbon on the front of the cover using a simple knot.  Trim the ends of the ribbon.  You may wish to place additional adhesive behind the ribbon and/or a glue dot behind the charm to prevent them from slipping.
5.  Apply adhesive all around the edges on the wrong side of the front cover and across the back using your ATG gun.  Set aside.  Apply spray adhesive to the front side of your first sheet of chipboard.  Attach pieces together CAREFULLY!  This is meant to be permanent.
6.  Punch holes through the front of your cover, using the holes on your chipboard as a guide.  Set aside.
Inside - Since this is a gift for a wedding shower, I wanted to have a place to put a picture of the attendees (and those who would be bringing recipes).  I also wanted to have a place for them to sign much like a guest book.
1.  Using the same tan card stock that was used on the front of the book, cut a mat 4 1/4" high by 6 1/4 " wide and a second one 3 1/4 " X 6 1/4".  Ink around the edges with "chestnut roan" chalk ink.
2.  Using the same technique as used on the front, attach a piece of "terra cotta" velvet ribbon below where your second hole will be.  Attach a "trinket pin" through the ribbon.
3.  Follow steps 5-6 from the outside of the cover.
4.  Use "chestnut roan" chalk ink to lightly ink around the edges on both the inside and outside of the cover.

Back cover:
Outside -
1.  Using black ink, stamp your "homemade" stamp on the bottom of your card stock.  Sign your name.
2.  Follow steps 5-6 from the outside of the front cover.
Inside - I chose not to embellish or add anything to the inside of the back cover.  This could be a place to put more pictures or embellishments if you choose.
1.  Follow steps 5-6 from the outside of the front cover.
2.  Use "evergreen" ink to lightly ink around the edges of the inside and outside of your back cover.


*Quick note - In the pictures you see flower eyelets.  These were removed from the covers on the final project as they were not thick enough to stay in the chipboard when the final project was put together.  They will however be on the inside pages and discussed there.


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