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The Greatest Gift

What was the best gift that you ever received?  I've received some pretty spectacular gifts.  I've also received some little gifts that became dear to my heart. **Spoiler Alert** In fact, this past week I received a big gift from my husband that I will post later.

However, none of these gifts compare to the greatest gift that I have ever received - the gift of eternal life.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Shhh.... Don't tell......... I'm a great big sinner! (#1) Yes, that's right.  I was born a sinner and I sin often.  Unfortunately, that sin prohibited me from the greatest, most precious relationship I could ever imagine.  This relationship was with a God who loved me, but more on that a little later.

You may not desire such a relationship.  You may not even believe that God exists.  Why would I want a relationship with someone that I can't see, touch, or hear?  Why does it even matter?  Oh my dear friend, this relationship matters more than…

"Cast Thy Burdens" - Card of Encouragement

Do you have friends or loved ones going through a rough spot right now?  I do.  You don't have to look hard to see people who are hurting.  Crafting is a stress release for me.  I can get lost for hours creating something while forgetting about the day's frustrations and hurts.  Long ago, I learned that an hour or two spent in the craft room after a tough day in the ER helped me relax enough to get the rest I needed.

While this is important for my own well being, I also need to look outside of myself or  I will quickly become self-centered.  This attitude does not honor Christ and it does not help those around me who are hurting.  It is amazing that when you open your eyes and use your skills to help those around you you, how much your own emotional and spiritual well being is blessed.

Today's project is a great picture of this.  I needed a sympathy card but I also know others who are hurting and I wanted to have something for them as well.  This reminder from our Lord sho…

To Dunn or Not To Dunn

Have you joined the Rae Dunn frenzy?  I have not nor do I plan to, but there is just one piece that I want to get.  I decided to hit some of the stores near me to see if I could find it.  I didn't but I did find three others.  Now don't think I'm joining the frenzy.  Honest, I'm not, but I do know what I like and as I am working towards getting the craft room ready to work in, I know that these will fit perfectly.

What do you think?  Will these work in my new space?  I do believe they will.  The countdown is on.  Expect to see the finished room in less than a week.  I'm so excited and can't wait to share!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things!

Fall Decorating - Flower Box

Now that we are rounding the corner to fall, it is time to update the decor around the house.  One of the things that I have in my new home is a small entryway.  I love this little space that has a closet on either side of the front door.  I have found that it works great to use one for winter coats and one for lighter jackets.  The best thing about this area though is the small space that just cries out to be decorated each season.

Near my new home I have found a fabulous store called Old Time Pottery.  This store makes it easy to decorate for the seasons without breaking the bank.  I don't need to add much to my fall decor as I have spent the last several years building up decorations.  However, I decided I needed a new treasure for that little corner so I was off to Old Time Pottery.

A few bunches of flowers, a couple of styrofoam blocks and a cute box later, I had what I needed to fill my corner while still be able to easily access the closet.  Now please understand that I am …

Fall - Adjusting to Life's Seasons

For most of my adult life, my favorite season has been Spring.  However, I have felt that shifting in the last few years to Fall and I can't explain why.  Maybe its the settling into life after the busyness of Spring and Summer.  Perhaps it the beautiful leaves and the crisp air that hints of cooler days to come.  I really don't know, but it is something that I have felt.

Maybe Fall represents where I am moving in life right now.  The last year and a half  have been filled with more changes that I would have dreamed.  Our youngest child graduated from high school and we moved half way across the country and became empty nesters.  Our eldest child then finished college and settled into her new life in a different state.  I have been working a very challenging job.  Don't get me wrong.  Each of these have been good things and blessing from the Lord.  That doesn't mean they have been easy.

I feel myself settling into a new season - a new Fall, ready to be filled with the …

Sunday in the Word: His Mercy Endures Forever

I recently read through the Psalms as part of my daily devotions.  As I was nearing the end of the book, I came to Psalm 136.  It was such a blessing and it took me back more than 20 years ago when this passage came to me at a very vulnerable time.  Shortly after  finding out that I was pregnant with our second child, I began having signs that I was having a miscarriage.  Losing that precious baby was difficult, but my God was bigger.  He had just the words for me when I needed them the most: "His mercy endures forever".  No matter what, He is bigger than my problems.  He is bigger than my pain and His mercy endures forever.

Do I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if that baby had been born?  Sometimes, but not often.  I know that I will see that precious one someday. In my heart she was a girl we have named Brittany.  His mercy has endured and will continue to do so.  Since I that day so long ago, I have specifically sought out this passage to bask in God's pro…

2018 Reading List

I love to read.  Unfortunately, I don't spend nearly enough time doing so at this stage of my life.  However, when I was recently sick for a few days, I spent some time reading.  I also spent some time journaling and working on my insert.

Hmmm..... journaling, reading and decorating.  What else could I do but... 
Of course I needed a few supplies.  For that I grabbed my Rusty Hinge Distress Crayon, the lettering stencil from Hero Arts, some stickers from the Reset Girl and my 01 and 05 Micron pens.
I also grabbed some Dr. Seuss quotes to add to the bottom.  I am definitely not on track for my reading goals so I guess I need to play catch up.  I have to say that this layout is the perfect place for me to keep track of where I am. Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.

TN Insert Cover Decorating

As promised in the last post, I have my decorated insert for my current journal.  You may notice that there is a lot of empty space and that's just fine with me.  I may find I love it and just leave it.  However, I may also decide that I need to fill some of that space as I fill the insert with my words.

For the covers, I pulled out the Tim Holtz Distress Crayons #5 set.  I then went to work scribbling on lines - both straight and circles.  I then took a baby wipe and softened it to create a watercolor effect.  This was all done using the watercolor paper from Close To My Heart.

I then started playing the stencil from the Tim Holtz mixed media spray kit and layered pattern onto the the front cover.  This too was done with the Distress Crayons and baby wipes.  Then it was time for the details which were created with simple Micron pens in sizes 01 and 05 and the Hero Arts number/letter stencil set that I have.

Near the spine I wrote "March, 2018" since this was the starti…

New Journaling Insert

No, I still don't have the craft room cleaned and ready to go.  I have been fighting illness for the past several weeks and this week it finally caught me good and hard with Bronchitis.  I've spent the last 3 days doing very little, but today I pulled out my journaling insert and decided to do some decorating.  I finished my last insert in February and so I decided that rather than pulling out another Moleskine Cahier insert, that I wanted to make my own this time.  I started with a piece of 12X12 watercolor paper from Close To My Heart and some Tomoe River paper and went to work.  I prefer sewn inserts because I feel like they are better on my elastics, so I used dental floss to hand sew the pieces together.  I was ready for March with a brand new journaling insert.  I haven't gotten bold enough to decorate the cover but when I do, you will see it here.

Some days I journal on the plain white pages and just add stickers, washi, or other decorations.  Some days I use Distre…

Sunday in the Word - Worthy of Worship

I have been reading through Psalms and was struck by how much focus is placed on worship and praise to our great God.  He is truly worthy of our praise and worship and so I wanted to highlight that in this week's Sunday in the Word.

This was actually fairly simple to create when I pulled out some tools.  Using the Cricut Quarter Note cartridge and my Explore, I first found the musical shapes.  I cut them from simple white cardstock and then traced them with pencil.  I wanted a watercolor effect so I dug into my watercolor box and found these long-forgotten Neocolor II wax pastels.  I had purchased them a few years ago for an online watercolor class that I had taken but I'm not even sure that they were ever really used.  They were perfect to fill in the notes and then the background.

I am really enjoying this journey into the Bible journaling world.  It has opened yet another way to express my love and worship for my great God.  I'm not sure that I will have a post for next…

Sunday In The Word: What Is The Cost?

Last Sunday I didn't feel well and neither did Daniel.  We decided to spend the day at home so found a Livestream service of a church in Greenville, SC.  Dr. Tim Kesee was speaking on missions and it was such a blessing to me.  I chose to journal the passage he preached from as a reminder of the cost of following Christ.  The passage I chose to journal was Matthew 16:24-26.

What about you?  Are you afraid of the cost of following Christ completely?  I know that in Christ alone, I can follow Him without fear of the future.

Items used:
Coloring page found here (to trace)
Distress Crayons
Micron black pens

Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.

Sunday In The Word: Bible Journaling - A First Attempt

When I first saw Bible journaling a few years ago, I was a bit resistant to the concept.  I had written notes in my Bible for years but really wasn't sure about drawing in it or filling pages with color.  However, in recent months I've been reconsidering this as something to be used as a tool in drawing me closer to the Lord as I study His word.  I jumped onto CBD and found this nice Bible.   I signed up for a class with Sandy Allnock that you can find here and today, I finally did my first page.  This was really a very simple start and I look forward to exploring more crafting mediums in future pages.

As mentioned in previous posts,we recently packed up our home after nearly 13 years and moved to the Mid-West.  It has been great in so many ways but difficult in others.  In December, the Lord brought Esther 4:14 to mind.  I am here for a reason, and I truly believe that it is for something besides working in a new department with a new team.

Here are the supplies that I used:

End of an Era (CTMH)

As mentioned in previous posts, my family and I made a major move in late July.  After nearly 6 months since leaving my old home, I still haven't come to a place to be able to work with Close To My Heart like I once did. After going back and forth to come to this decision, I believe that now is the time to say goodbye. I simply do not have time the to spend. Therefore, January will be my final month to promote it as a consultant. I have an active gathering going on right now at and I would love for anyone who is interested to be able to join and place a final order with me. There are some great products available right now. After January, I would like to invite you to reach out to Oma Gloria for your Close To My Heart needs. Watch for a link to her online personal site in February.  Gloria and I were on a design team together years ago and she has been on my CTMH team for around a year or so. I will definitely be purchasing the items that I need fro…