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Catching Up

It's been far too long since I posted.  Life has been very crazy since returning from Greenville!  Besides normal work and life, I have been busy preparing for a work-related trip next week.  I fly out Tuesday and return home on Friday.  I work 3 shifts between now and flying out.  I'm not thrilled to be leaving my family, especially after working the long weekend, but sometimes things are unavoidable.

With being busy, I've not had much time to craft either.  However, I was able to make most of the graduation cards I needed.  I was also able to make a very interesting birthday card.  It is one of my all-time favorites!  I also started pre-cutting another card that I'm hoping to finish cutting so I can take it to assemble when I go next week.  Hopefully, I'll have time to post the pictures and instructions for all these cards while on my trip.

I spent much of Wednesday of this week sick and in bed.  I was able to watch one of my cousin's YouTube videos and she s…

BJU Graduation 2011

I must say that my heart is so full that I hardly know where to begin. First of all please don't look too closely for errors. This is being posted from my phone which can be somewhat challenging.

The theme for this year's graduation appeared to be "To God be the glory". There have been so many things to thank the Lord for this on the trip that makes me want to say, "Indeed, to God be the glory"!