Monday, November 12, 2012

Days of Thanks #10 & #11

Well, I got behind.  It's not that I wasn't thankful.  It's that I didn't get it posted.

1. On Saturday the 10th, I was very thankful for a good day at work.  I was busy, but things slowed down enough that I volunteered to go home early.  Since this was my 3rd day in a row, I was tired and cold and ready to go home.  It was also one of those days when I felt like I actually really helped people feel better - inside and out.  I have such a great job!

2. On Sunday the 11th, I was reminded how thankful I am for those who serve our country at great sacrifices to themselves and their families.  We are blessed to live in a great country.  Those men and women who have fought and died for us are true heroes and I am thankful for them.

Check back later today for today's thankful post.  In the meantime,

Take some time to enjoy the little things!

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