Friday, August 10, 2012

How Do I... Make and Use Glitter Mists?

Ready for a blast from the past?  I am going to be reviving and updating some past posts and going to import them into the "How Do I?" segments.  Today is the first on of these oldies.

Several months ago I posted a video showing you how to make Glitter Mists.  Before you watch the video, I want to change one thing.  In the video, I placed steel BB's inside to help mix the glitter and paint better.  DO NOT do this!  Even steel BB's rust and you have to discard it and start over (unless of course you're into that rusted look).

So once I have these little beauties made, what do I do with them?  There are so many little things you can do with Glitter Mists:

Splatter them in small amounts on cards and layouts to add sparkle to small areas
Add larger amounts to add sparkle to a whole card or layout
Change the color of an embellishment (like a flower)

What would you do with Glitter Mists?  There are so many things that I bet you could add, but why stop there?  You don't have to add sparkle and glitter.  Make your own "spray paint" using the same technique and leaving the glitter out.

I hope you enjoy the video.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Cindy said...

I wonder whether you could use zinc plated BBs instead of steel?

Cheri said...

HMM. I don't know. I have discovered that it's not really that difficult to mix without anything though.