Seeing Brooke

The following is being copied from my sister-in-law's Facebook post yesterday:

We saw Brooke last night. I cried of course and she sniffled a bit lol. She saw Tommy first and yelled "Dad? Dad!!!" and hugged him. Cody and I were down playing with a silly group of 3 and 4 year old boys and girls so he brought Brooke to us. We hung out for a bit and asked if we could take her. They said we have to talk to the social worker today. Then we asked if we could take her to dinner and bring her back but they said they couldnt let her without permission.
It brought tears to my eyes.  Please Pray.  They are so close, but so far and there are many obstacles.  God is faithful and will take care of them all.  I will be so happy to have my family back in the US again!
To read read about Brooke's story, please click here .  I have XXXX through the country's name to avoid trouble for them in bringing her home.  Let's just say it is very far away!


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