"Fishing You Were Here" Card

Tonight the ladies in our church met to put boxes together for our college students.  Though we actually only have 2 college kids right now, we made a 3rd box for one of our young men who remained in South Carolina after he graduated from college.  I missed church last Sunday as I was at work and that's when the sign up sheet went around.  My husband signed me up to make the cards along with the other things we would take.  I was hoping to make 3 different cards, but just ran out of time.  I ended up using the "Love You A Latte" card from a previous post for the young lady.  I then made 2 of these cards for the young men.  Enjoy the video.


What a great thing you do for the college students I am sure they appreciate it!! Very nice card you made for them!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

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