Black Friday

I started Black Friday shopping years ago and look forward to it every year.  There have been so many years that I have been able to find nice Christmas gifts that I could afford because I was willing to stand in line and wait for them.  Typically, I have someone buy a paper (or I go get one if I'm not cooking) and then late on Thanksgiving afternoon and evening, I peruse all the ads and decide what I'm willing to go looking for.  This year was a little different.  I perused all the ads and found a few things that looked interesting, but I really didn't feel like getting up early and driving to the city.  Instead, we ran to Walmart a little after midnight and then into the city to hit Best Buy and then home to bed.  Now before you think that I'm totally crazy, those are normal operating hours for me.  I'm usually up that late anyway due to my work schedule.  It was fun and I did get a few good deals.

So how about you?  Do you join in on the Black Friday madness?  Remember this the last opportunity to post for a chance to win a set of Christmas tags.


misty delgado said…
I've never done black Friday, until this yr. I went out with a friend starting at 11p.m. Thanksgiving day, and finally made it home at 7a.m. the next morning. The memories made with friends that night was much better than the deals I scored, but that was nice too!
Deborah O. said…
Technically this is only my 2nd year joining the black Friday madness! Last year my friend and I went out at 5am to Glenwood, it was crazy busy but totally manageable! And fun!! This year I went out at midnight with my sister in law in GJunction... Crazy busy doesn't even explain it!!! Complete madness explains it a little more!!! Lines wrapped around the peremiter of the stores madness!! Was out for 3 hours, went back to Grandmas and slept for a few hours then back out at it again with my family ALL DAY!!! Good times, but I might stick with smaller town shopping next year, lol! Unless of course there are deals too good to miss ;) hehehe ;) <3
Cheri said…
Misty, I agree with the times spent with friends. I didn't really want to go this year and didn't actually spend much time out. My kids would have been disappointed though. My first time to ever go was with my nephew when he was young. What memories!

Deborah, those memories will last a lifetime with your family. Wish we could go together.

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