Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catching Up

I've not taken the time to post anything lately as its been a very busy (and interesting) week.  One patient identified me as Barak Obama, a nun, and being from Norway all within about 2 hours  (and those were some of the nicer things said).  Ahhh... life in the ER!  I have some extra hours scheduled at work and have spent much of my time at home sleeping.  I did manage to get muffins made for the kids to take on their trip.

This morning the kids left for the RMACS (Rocky Mountain Association of Christian Schools) annual competition.  As homeschoolers, they are allowed to attend.  Elise is competing in vocal solo, flute solo, Bible storytelling, photography, History academic testing, and Spelling Bee.  Heath is competing in vocal solo, photography, crafts (leather making), spelling bee, and an academic test.  They were so excited to go and see their friends.  This is Heath's first fine arts competition.  They will come home exhausted, but happy.

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