Special Day

Today I am celebrating something special.  I am celebrating the first time that I became a big sister.  Not that I remember that day.  I was only 18 months old when this little guy was brought home.  My original plan was to call or text him today, but I decided to do a post all about my amazing brother instead.  Don't worry, I won't forget the text.

Though he's all grown up, he will always be Tommy to me.  I've tried and tried to call him Tom but it just doesn't work.  We've played together, worked hard together and even cried together.  Truth to tell, we've gotten in trouble together a few times too.  It was ALWAYS his fault though (snicker, snicker).

Tommy has given more than any of us can imagine to those he loves.  He has shared his home with children who are hurting.  He has opened his life to people from all around the world.  This quiet man has been a pillar of strength which many have leaned upon.

So today little brother I celebrate you.  I'm thankful you're my brother and also my friend.  I love you more than all the gold stars in the world.

Happy Birthday Bud!


Deborah said…
Awe!!! He is a pretty good guy! 😍
Rene said…
This is so sweet...your brother must be a special guy and how nice of you to honor him.
Lisa said…
Happy birthday to your brother!! He sounds like a great guy!! I hope he had a wonderful day!!

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