Introduction to Crafty Fun with Aunt Cheri

Today I am introducing a new video series that was designed for my little people.  My nieces and nephews are scattered throughout the United States and I really don't get to see them often.  I decided it would be fun to craft with them via YouTube.  The original idea was based on a project that I found on Pinterest.  From there it became a 10 week craft series - "Summer Fun with Aunt Cheri".  I may expand it to 11 depending on the feedback that I get from my family.  That's when I decided that I should change the name to "Crafty Fun with Aunt Cheri".  Why?  Because I would like to continue the series throughout the school year by doing 1-2 crafts per month.  Let's see how this goes first though.

What should you expect?

1. Simple projects every week.  When I say simple, I mean really simple.  However, there will be some prep work for you.  I'll try to give you a head's up on the next week's prep work.
2. Simple Bible memory.  Each week, I will introduce a new Bible verse for little people to memorize.  You are welcome to encourage your little person to work on it too.  Send me an email for every verse your child says and we will keep track together.

I would encourage you to get a box to place your child's crafty items.  My little people will receive the projects in the bags as I show in the video.  This will hopefully add to the excitement and surprise each week.  If you would like to receive a supply and project list, please send an email to:

Next Week's Prep and Supplies
Journal - I have made tiny journals for my little people to decorate.  You can see the tutorial that I learned this from by clicking here.  However, you can use any little notebook you choose.  You will need some stickers, glue, die cuts, or anything else needed to decorate a fun journal.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


Unknown said…
Sounds fun! I'm excited. Thank you for putting this together!

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