Taking Time to Enjoy the Little Things - Winners

I'm so sorry that I nearly forgot to announce the winners.  As promised in the original post, I chose 2 winners.  So without further ado:

 #1 - What little things do you enjoy?
Naomi said that she enjoys the little achievements of her Autistic son.
Thanks so much for sharing your candid thoughts Naomi.  They were a blessing to me.

#2 - What little things do you enjoy doing for others?
Dodie said that she enjoys helping others with computers.
I'm sure they appreciate it greatly.  I'm one of those computer challenged folks who gets help from her kids.

So congratulations Naomi and Dodie.  Please send me a message through my profile and include your name and mailing address and I'll get a little thing sent out to you.  Thanks to all who commented.

Take some time to enjoy the little things today.


Unknown said…
Awwwhhh!!! Thank you Cheri... thankyou for the opportunity to speak from the heart... this was a blessing in itself for me. Have a bright sunny day!
Migdalia said…
Congrats to both winners!

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