Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

Good morning everyone.  It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for over a year and a half.  In that time, I have had a lot of people follow me.  I appreciate each of you and pray that in some way, God will use me to be a blessing to you and bring you closer to Him.

As has been evident over the last few weeks, I have a lot of things that I enjoy.  I love God, who has provided so many blessings in my life.  I love my amazing family.  My husband is my best friend, and I have 2 great kids. I love to read, but have actually spent more time in crafting pursuits since joining the blogging world.  I love spending time in my crafty space making fun little projects.

So for all of you who have been following me for awhile, but not since the beginning, you may be wondering where in the world I came up with a name like DJ's Sundries.  For the original post on this please click here- What's in a Name?.

Now over the past few weeks, I've been trying to come up with a catchy phrase.  You know like "From my heart to yours" (K. Andrew), "Enjoy the Moments" (Megan Elizabeth)... etc.  As I thought over the last few week's posts and thought about the name of my blog, I realized that it's been there all along.  Have you noticed all the 'little things' I've been posting?  Treat boxes, peach butter, etc?  That's when it hit me.  We need to learn to enjoy the little things that God has placed in our lives.  A baby's first smile.  An "I love you" text.  A little note tucked in a lunch box.  An unexpected candy bar or new pen.  How about a Bible verse that sticks in your head and you just can't help but share.

But enjoying the little things actually implies more to me.  Not only do I need to enjoy the little things, but I also need to share the little things to bring joy to others.  So how about you?  Do you enjoy the little things?  Do you look for ways to please others with the little things?

I have decided to post a challenge that will continue through the rest of September.  I want you to look for the little things to enjoy.  Then I want you to bless someone else with the little things in life.  So this is what I plan to do.  I plan to send a special little thing to two of my followers.  How will I choose?  I will choose from one comment below (randomly of course) where you share a little thing you enjoy.  I also want to know about 1 little thing that you share with others.  I will send the second little thing to one commenter who shares this.  You have until September 30, 11:59pm MST to leave your comments.  In the meantime:

Take some time to enjoy the little things today.


Anonymous said…
I always let others know that I care and that I love them every time we talk. I enjoy knowing that if I'm not here tomorrow that they knew that I loved them and cared both in my words and actions. It is such a peaceful feeling to know that they know this. Mandee
Unknown said…
Such a beautiful post and a great way to get the mind in action! Being grateful for bigger things I realize is automatic such as I am grateful that Michael my son that has Autism sits in a regular classroom setting and has grown in leaps and bounds, he was due to have surgery on his bowel this fall but has defeated the odds and started using the washroom on his own! Yes that is big! Once I thought about the little things I realized that yes I am grateful for every new word Michael uses for the first time, the first time he can get his phrases right, button a button , zip his jacket and so forth... maybe because we have these challenges we tend to not miss anything... but do we???? I thought about the things you mentioned such as a new pen.. an I love you text... we do take so much for granted I realize such as my best friend making me a coffee every day... friends that take time out of their day to call me even when I don't want to answer...thank you for this post, it is very interesting and certainly got the wheels turning in my head... I will be thinking of this and taking note of the small things, you have helped me today, bless your heart. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a follower now.
byAnnette said…
I think the Little Things you do add up. I like to leave Love Notes for my husband and kids in all sorts of places: stickers on sandwich bags, dry erase marker messages on mirrors...

Making cards for OWH is a little thing I do but it can make a difference to one person.

Thanks for reminding us to
Enjoy the Little Things
Nana Diane said…
I don't know if this qualifies as a "little thing" or not, because it's a big thing to me. I love to see pictures of my precious granddaughter, Emma. It's hard being so far away from her, as she is changing every day, so those pictures are really special. (A Skype session is even better!) While it IS hard to be away from her, I am thankful for so many things concerning her. I am thankful she is healthy. I am thankful for the privilege to BE a grandmother. I am thankful she is growing up in a home where she is learning every day that Jesus loves her. God is SO good to me!
Nana Diane said…
If I understood your sweet post correctly, you wanted 2 separate comments, so here is my second comment, on how I share "the little things." One reason I enjoy your blog so much is that I love making cards. One way I share this love is by trying to get others to find the fun in making something themselves. This weekend, I will be sharing my love of card-making with a group of ladies at Camp UTIBACA, here in UT. I am preparing 6 different card-making type projects for 40 ladies. That is a LOT of prep work. I'm almost done prepping 5 of the projects, and I have the idea for the 6th one. Whew! I'd better not linger here for long! Back to work!
Jessica Buffa said…
You have blessed my life by joining me over on the the 3 Girl JAM Design Team. It has been an absolute joy getting to know you and to peek at your wonderful talent. A little thing I am thankful for recently, is the random text message that my DH sent me on Tuesday Just to say He loved me. He isn't a mushy or affectionate person, so this meant the world to me and brightened my day. I love doing little things to make others smile. One that comes to mind is last week while peeking around a Scrapbook Deals group on FB, I came upon a Rubber Stamp character named Drucilla. This struck me as it was a long time family shared story that this name was to be my older sister's middle name when she was born. Her dad wanted her to have His Mother's name and our Mother was against it. She compromised and was willing to give her the initial D. Well, the Hospital wouldn't allow just an initial. So her middle name became Dee. I purchased the stamp and had it mailed to my sister with a small note saying "Your Baby Sister loves You". She said she loved it and will keep it forever.
Now, I can't wait to pop over to find out the origin of DJ's Sundries...I did ask myself what the meaning behind the name was the first time I stopped in at your blog...
Jessica S
what a great post!! yesterday my mom recieved a letter in the mail that she was terrified to open. Monday she had her first mammogram and her mom had died of breast cancer so it is a scary ting for her and all of us. She was going to wait to open the letter until my dad came home but we both sat on the couch and opened it together. I am glad to say the tests came back negative no cancer!! My mom and I both cried as we were reliefed. Being there for my mom in this hard time was something that showed her that I loved her and care. While I didn't enjoying seeing the letter I enjoyed being able to rejoice with my mom that she is cancer free!!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com
Dodie said…
One little thing that I like to share with people is my ability to figure out things on the computer. I am the "go-to" person on my team at school, and I really love teaching the others how to do things.

The little thing that I enjoy is sitting down in the evening to discuss our day over a glass of wine with my dear husband. No matter how late it is or how frazzled we are, this decompression time is time well spent. I think it's what has kept our marriage alive for more than 33 years!
D- said…
A couple of little things I like to do for my co-workers is 1) I make mini birthday cards I slip in their mailboxes on their special day. 2) I like to randomly place a candy treat box or bag in someones mailbox that may be having a hard time. (Hang in there, Thinking of You, etc)
dmcardmaker (at aol)
email follower)
marg0006 said…
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share such a special thought. I am extremely grateful, each and every day, that even through chronic illness I am still able to craft and share my love and my life with such a special group of people. Most of all the moments with my granddaughters that mean the world to me.

marg0006 at verizon dot net
marg0006 said…
I am a natural health buff and am have read many books to help me improve my well being. I enjoy sharing this info to all. My friends, their friend & aquaintances tend to com to me for info. When anyone feels better because of info I've shared, makes me feel I have made a small difference in someones life.

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