Monday, February 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

My favorite verse ends with "think on these things".  Can you find that passage in your Bible?  When I decided to start my own blog, I wanted to call it by that name.  Unfortunately, it was already taken by another blogger.  Yes, I could modify it a bit and still use it, but I didn't want anyone to accidentally end up at the wrong site, think it was mine, and give up looking.  Time to come up with another name.

Several years ago, when my husband was pastoring in a small town, we opened a store.  It was a store that was quite diversified to meet some of the needs of our little town while beginning to put back money for our kids' college funds.  That's when DJ's Sundries was created.  (BTW:  I think the store was great for our little town.  As for the college funds... they still need a lot of work.)

Who in the world is DJ?  Our children's middle names are Danielle and Jared.  Hence DJ - it works so much better than their first initials - EH.  Don't you think it has a better ring? provides the following definition of sundries: "sundry things or items, especially small, miscellaneous items of little value."  Hmmm...  Now I'm not saying that things about God or my family are of 'little value'.  You will just see a lot of 'miscellaneous'.

After much thought, I decided that the name used in my store years ago fits perfectly for my blog.  This blog isn't designed to focus on any particular niche.  It covers all kinds of topics and thoughts.  And that my dear friends is...
What's in a Name!

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Jessica S said...

What a fabulous and fun story to share where the name came from. I like it...A LOT! A lot of miscellaneous with emphasis on the important things!
Jessica S