Reflections on Rehoboam

As I continue my chronological journey through the Bible, I am currently reading 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles.  Tonight that meant reading about King Rehoboam and several other kings who reigned in Judah and Israel.

Rehoboam was Solomon's son.  During his reign, the house of Israel was divided into 2 kingdoms as God had told Solomon they would be.  Rehoboam was NOT a good man.  As we look at his reign, we see:
He chose the wrong advisers, forsaking wise ones.
High places were built and false gods worshipped.
"Perverted" people dwelt in the land.
He had 18 wives and 60 concubines.
As a result, Judah lost much of its wealth to Shishak, king of Egypt.

Despite all the things mentioned, a particular verse struck me:
"And he did evil, because he did not prepare his heart to seek the LORD."
II Chronicles 12:14
Wow! Despite all the things Rehoboam did wrong, that is one thing that God describes in His Word as Rehoboam's evil - he did not prepare his heart to seek God.  How different his life would had been if he had made that one simple choice early in his reign.

This made me reflect on how often I forget to prepare my heart.  If it was evil for Rehoboam, it is evil for ME!  It was also a strong reminder on the importance of teaching our children to do the same.  My prayer for myself, my family, and those that read this post is that we will prepare our hearts to seek the LORD.  Thankfully, Rehoboam came to the point where he humbled himself before God.  It's never to late.  However, the earlier in our lives that we prepare our hearts to serve Him, the more fruitful we will be for Him.


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