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A few weeks ago, my cousin (Scrappyhour09), posted a haul video and mentioned a new product called a "Smash Book" (Smash Book by K & Company).  I had never heard of this, so I did some research.  It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted one!  A Smash Book is basically a journal to jot down notes and to keep mementos.  There are so many things you can do with one.  I even thought I would want more than one, each for different uses.  Unfortunately, they were difficult to come by at that time and many of those carrying them were back-ordered until June 20.

Enter Yoliebean:  I had been daily checking the only retailer in my state to carry the Smash Books and they still hadn't received their shipment when I saw this video on making a journal (click on the link "Yoliebean" to see her Junk Journal).  I had seen other books/journals, but was still holding out until I could purchase my Smash Book.  Once I saw this one, I decided the wait was over and I would make my own journal.  Thanks Bean for the post.  Now I may still eventually buy a Smash Book and there are definitely items in the Smash line that I plan to purchase, but for now, this is going to be my new journal.  I'm going to use it as kind of a cross between a journal and a mini scrapbook album.

Supply List:
Composition Notebook - (I found mine at the dollar store for $1)
Paper for cover and for random pages inside of the book
Tim Holtz Embellishments
Other embellishments
Ribbon to match your paper and embellishments
Adhesive - ATG and a strong glue adhesive (I used Inkssentials - Glue and Seal in Matte finish)
Ink Pads

Paper trimmer
Hole punch (I used my eyelet punch)
Corner rounder

Let's Get Started:
Now the first thing that you will notice is that I didn't give you measurements or tell you how much paper and ribbon to get.  That's because its totally up to you.  Use your favorite paper and embellishments.  My main paper was from K&Co's Brenda Walton Designer paper series.  I bought this pad several months ago because I loved the colors and design.  I've been holding on to it for something special and this project is perfect.  I used paper that coordinated from Hot Off the Press (Leather Papers, Handmade Papers, and Heritage Collage) that I had left over from when I closed my store.  I also used DCWV's "the Rustic Stack".  I cut all the papers that I planned to use at 7 1/8" wide by 9 9/16" tall.  You will need to leave a small margin on the inside of your book so that the binding does not weaken.  This will be discussed in greater detail later.

Cover -
Choose four pieces of paper or cardstock that you would like to use and cut to fit your book.  I did not go all the way to the bound edge of the book because I had other plans.  Using a corner rounder, round the outside corners if your book has rounded corners.  Apply ATG adhesive to the wrong side of each piece of paper and set aside.  I also applied a coat of the Inkssentials glue to each side of the original book cover to reinforce and strengthen the cover.  Apply pages to the front outside and inside of your book as well as to the outside back cover.  If you wish to use a ribbon to help close your book, do not apply the inside of the back cover until the next step.
I chose to use a 1/4"  lavender organza ribbon from "The Ribbon Boutique" as my closure.  I cut a piece long enough to go from the back of the book around to the front and to tie in a big bow.  I allowed extra length to ensure that as bulky items were added to the book, I would still be able to hold it closed with the ribbon.  Using the eyelet punch, I then punched 2 holes in the back of the book cover and ran my ribbon through the holes from the inside out.  After the ribbon was run through, the inside of the back cover was adhered over the top to give the inside back cover a clean, finished look.
For the inside of the front cover, I measured and cut a diagonal piece of cream cardstock from my stash and rounded the bottom, outside corner.  I added a piece of coordinating paper that was about 1 1/2" wide, slightly below the upper edge of the paper.  Adhesive was applied to the bottom edge and both sides of the paper and it was adhered to the bottom of the inside front cover to make a pocket.  An alphabet sticker was placed in a Sticko Holder from EK Success to add my initial to the corner.  All paper edges were inked.
The front cover was decorated very simply and quickly.  To reinforce the binding and to cover the original black binding, I used Tim Holtz's Advantus Tissue Tape. The tape was not wide enough to cover the whole binding area, so I began by applying the first piece along the front of the binding.  I applied a second piece to the back of the binding, overlapping in the center.  The tape adhesive is not strong enough to hold a binding on its own, so I applied a 3rd piece of tape over the center seam in an attempt to hold down the edges.  That didn't work, so I applied a layer of the inkssentials glue over the top of the tape and allowed it to dry overnight.  That seemed to do the trick as everything is now smooth and flat.  All of the cover edges were inked with one of the browns from the ColorBox chalk ink set of cat-eyes.
You can just barely see the tape edges of the binding next to the ribbon.
The words, 'the sweet life' was printed on the paper.  I felt this was fitting for a journal so I made sure to cut the paper so that this would be included on the front.
A speckled egg from the K&CO Brenda Walters charmers set was placed below the words
Sticko Letters (EK Success) form the book title with the M, T, &F placed in the letter holders.  I would have preferred to stamp the title, but don't have any of the right kind of stamps.

The only other embellishments to the outside cover are the ribbons and charms around the binding.  The ribbons will be discussed at greater length on another post, but I will point out the charms now.

Being the Tim Holtz fan that I am, I had to add some of his charms to my ribbons.  There are three "Trinket Pins" with the words "momentos", "tidbits", and "thoughts" engraved into them.  Two different "Muse Charms" have the words "journey" and "thoughts".  A key with "life" engraved on it is the final charm.  I felt these really summarized my plans for this book and I love the extra they add to the finished product.

Now I had planned to do this whole project in one post, but realize how long this is getting.  Check back later for the inside of the journal and to learn why the ribbons on the outside are more than just decorative.  Thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said…
cute cute girlie! I've thought about making one of my own..but I think I'm still partial to the smash book..If ever started to make a journal I don't think I'd ever finish it lol. =)
Cheri said…
Oh My Crafts finally got their smash books in last week. They don't have any pens though and that is what I want for this book. I'll just have to wait.

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