Memory Keeping...Vacation Ideas

One of the biggest memory making times is vacation time.  I tend to take lots of photos on vacation and I want to do everything that I can to preserve those memories.  I also pick up all sorts of tidbits that I want to keep.  Of course, I may have big ideas for scrapbooking those memories, but invariably, I get home and have no time to carry out those big ideas.  I know myself very well and know that I will never remember everything by the time I get to the pages.  Enter vacation journaling.  I have done this on 3 vacations and it works great for me.  So how do you get started?
Get a book
Now I'm not talking about a big notebook or scrapbook.  I'm talking about getting some small and simple.  Find something that you can take with you without taking up a lot of space.
Make it Cute
In my opinion, you will use something more if you really like it.  Each one of my books have been prepped before I ever leave.  I use it even when planning because I want to be able to go back and remember the whole experience.  I also want to be able to change things for future vacations if there was something that didn't work.
You can check out some of the books I've made in the past here, here , here and here.
Pack Your Gear
I have a new video on how I packed for my last vacation.  Of course you will have to deal with whatever space you have on your trip, but this gives some ideas.
Journal, Journal, Journal
You definitely don't want to spend your entire time buried in your book, so write what is important to you.  Do you want to remember certain meals or attractions?  Do you want to remember things that your family said or people that you saw?  Write that down.  If you have a glue stick or a tape runner with you, you can even add memorabilia.    I like to go back after I get home and had a few photos too.  Of course if you're traveling with your Selphy, you can print on the go.
Upload Those Photos
Remember how we talked about photo organization?  Now is the time to put those principles to work for you.  If you travel with a laptop, you can do it while you go.  If not, you can always do it when you get home.  Missed that post?  You can find it here.
Scrapbooking Those Memories
Now you have the tools to do scrap those memories...on your time.  I recently worked on photos from 2012.  Yep, I'm a bit behind.  However, everything was organized and ready to go.  Better yet, I have nice mini-books to carry and show my favorite vacation memories if I choose to.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


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