Memory Keeping...Getting Organized

Scrapbooking and memory keeping can be overwhelming, especially when you are years behind!  So how do I get organized and ready to go?

Step #1
Get those old photos out of the sticky pages!
These pages are not archival safe and will ruin your photos over time.  Even if you don't have time to scrapbook them, get them out of those pages.  The same is true if you have pictures pasted onto construction paper pages.  Admit it... somewhere you have some hidden away because you were scrapping when scrapping wasn't cool.
 Step #2
Storing your old photos
Don't just toss them aside though.  Keep them organized in photo-safe boxes.  Chances are, you have dates and everything right there with the photos.  If you need to, grab a small notebook and copy those times and dates into the notebook just so you won't forget it all when its time to start scrapbooking.  Photoboxes are inexpensive at most stores like Michaels or JoAnns.  Some of these even come with dividers to place between sections of photos where you can keep your lists.  I have a few laying around.  The disadvantage to this storage method is that if your box gets dropped, you now have a disorganized mess.  You can find this box here - Amazon
An alternative is to find smaller photo boxes at your craft store or online.  This allows you to organize your photos in the small boxes and store them together.  You are much less likely to have a big mess if you drop them.  This costs a bit more, but if you need long-term storage, this is definitely a great option.  You can find the one pictured below by clicking: Amazon

Step #3
Organizing your digital photos
It is my opinion that digital photos are the scrapbooker's best friend.  You can store, organize and crop right from your computer.  You also don't have to print them until you are ready to use them. Be sure to back up those photos to another hard drive or cloud storage.  You don't want to lose them if something happens to your computer!

You can organize them any way you wish.  The best way to organize them is the way that works for you.  Here is how I organize mine in Windows:

Level 1 - Folders within the Pictures file

This enables me to keep those that I need immediately in the front file.  For instance, I have the 2016 files organized by topic as their own folders.  I then have an "Archived" folder where all the old folders are moved.
Level 2 Folders in the "Archived" folder

When you click on the Archived folder, you see a large array of folders.  These are organized by year for all my family and craft folders.  Folders related to church and work are also archived at this level as well as folders filled with pictures from other sources.

**Quick Tip**
I have found that it works best for me to download my photos often from both my phone and my camera.  It decreases the likelihood that I will forget information needed to help me organize my folders.  Typically, I download and sort into folders every few days, deleting photos that are notably blurry.  I even do this if I don't have time to go through every photo and pull out duplicates or others that I don't want.  I can always do that when I am ready to print them.

Once organized, you have them available when you are ready to work with them.  Next time, we will talk about what to do with your photos once you're organized.  You might be surprised on the number of options available.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


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