"Full Disclosure" - A Book Review

A few weeks ago while Christmas shopping on Amazon, a book popped up that they thought I might be interested in.  It had been awhile since I had checked for new books, so that pop up sent me to look up some of my other favorite authors.  While checking on one of those, I stumbled across a book called "Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson.  I sat there for a few seconds trying to recall this book and then scanned the summary Amazon provided.  I figured one of her old books had been re-titled because I thought I had read all of her books except for 1 or 2.  Why would I think that?  Here's some background:

Several years ago, a friend and co-avid reader, introduced me to the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.  She quickly became my favorite mystery author.  I had been reading mysteries since childhood.  I love them.  But Dee Henderson's books are special.  Why?  Because I usually don't figure out "who done it" until almost the end of her books.  That's unusual for me.  I can usually put a mystery together far before the end of the book.   I would get so lost in her mysteries that I would read until the wee hours of the morning, making sure not to walk by uncovered windows and looking over my shoulder.  Yeah, they're that intense.  Those aren't the only reasons though.  Dee not only draws into her character's lives, but she has lessons to teach you as well.

Reading each O'Malley book left me ready to read the next one and the next and the next (there are 6 + a prequel BTW).  I also read all of her other books except for maybe a non-mystery book or 2 that she wrote.  I was waiting for "Before I Wake" long before it was released and eagerly anticipated the day I could purchase it.  I devoured it like all of the others, only to have to wait for the story to end in the next book.  That was in 2006 and there hasn't been a "next book".  In all of those years, the only thing I had seen was a short story typed out on her website on the 7th O'Malley sibling.  This short story is set to be published in May, 2013 and you can rest assured that I will buy the book to complete this series!

You can well imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this new book.  After all, had been waiting for 6 long years for it.  I had pretty much given up.  I quickly downloaded it to my Kindle.

Over the years, has Dee Henderson lost her edge?  Absolutely not.  I was a little disappointed that the mystery was revealed long before the the end of the book, at least one of the mysteries.  There are a few of them going on here and I had it all figured out.  Or maybe not.  True to Dee Henderson style, I did not have it figured out quite as well as I thought that I had.  Once again, I was up reading late into the night because I just couldn't put it down.

I will admit that if you have never read a book by Dee Henderson, I have mixed emotions about recommending this as your first one.  There is a mild spoiler related to many of her other books.  However, instead of giving much away, it may just make you really want to read every other mystery she's ever written.  I know there are a few that I would like to pull out of storage and re-read.

I highly recommend this book to other mystery lovers.  It's a good one.  It's also pretty easy to find.  I'll list some links below, but you can probably pick it up at your local Christian book store.  Ranging in the $8-10 range, it is worth every penny.  However, you may want to check places like eBay as well.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.  This book may well be just one of those.


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