It's Miche Time

Miche?  What in the world is Miche? Let me go back a bit and explain.  A couple of years ago, my niece and one of our friends told me about this line of purses / handbags by Miche.  They explained that you buy a base and then that you could buy covers to change out the style and colors.  I didn't quite get it (as I'm sure you're not either right now), so I just kind of let it go.  Time travel to several months ago and I am chatting with someone and she hands me her Miche business card.  Again I set it aside and don't really do anything with it.  Time travel a bit further to March and my niece is visiting.  I take a good look at her Classic bag and decide this whole Miche thing is worth checking out.  I asked my family for one for Mother's Day and Bam!, I'm hooked.

Time travel one more time to today and I'm having a Miche party.  It is going to be fun!  I even made some cute coasters to give to everyone who attends.  Here's a picture, but I'm having some issues with IMovie, so the tutorial will have to wait.

The theme for my party is red, white, and blue.  I know that all my bloggie friends can't make it, but if you would like to place an order on my party, I would love it.  These bags are so great.  you can find all about them here : Miche

My party is under : Cheri - July 12, 2012

Thanks for stopping by today and stop by again soon.  I have some neat posts coming up.


Rhonda Miller said…
Sounds like fun. I love the coasters you've made.
Georgiana said…
Hope your party is a big success and you get lots of free goodies!

Stay Creative,
Carson's Creations
Cheri said…
Come on over.

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