Macaroni and Cheese with Ham Bake with a Salad

One of the meals I prepared was this "Southern-Style Ham and Mac Pie" that I found on YouTube.  You can view the recipe by clicking here.  This was a super easy meal to prepare and my husband really liked it.  I made two so that I could freeze one.  It will make an easy meal for my family on one of my work nights.

I thought it was "OK", but my favorite part of the meal was the scrumptious salad that I made to go with it.  I want to tell you how I made this easy and delicious fare.

1 bag of Spring Mix salad
1 Roma tomato - diced
1 cucumber - peeled and sliced
1-2 hand fulls of dried cranberries
Dried almond slices - to taste
Fresh grated Parmesan cheese - to taste
Light raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing

I tossed everything together in a bowl except for the dressing which was served on the side.  I originally got this idea from a salad kit that I purchased one time.  They used dried cherries, bleu cheese, and a different vinaigrette.  I found that I prefer to cranberries to the cherries.  The bleu cheese is delicious but I didn't have any on hand so that's why I used the Parmesan.  I have also added avocados and grilled chicken breasts and made it a complete - and super yummy - meal.


Lisa said…
Ummm, these both look delicious!! Mac and cheese is my all-time favorite comfort food :) I'll have to check out the recipe!! I hope you had a wonderful 4th :)

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