How Do I...Tie a Bow?

Today we are going to talk about bow tying.  I don't know about you but I struggle tying a pretty bow.  Maybe I should say that I USED to struggle.  A little over a week ago, that all changed.  How, you ask?  Well, I could say that I grew a third hand because that would undoubtedly solve the problem.  I would look a little strange, but maybe I'd have pretty bows.  I could also tell you that I finally developed better coordination, but as old as I am that's unlikely. (You should see me try to do aerobics.  It's kind of hard to keep your heart rate up when your watching the teacher with your mouth hanging open and saying "huh".)

Since I'm not likely to grow a third hand and greater coordination is also unlikely, I was very glad to see the new bow maker from 3 Girl Jam.  If you've been watching my videos for awhile, you know how much I like the crinkle ribbon from 3 Girl Jam.  It is soft and beautiful.  The colors are vibrant and it feels fabulous in your hands.  This bow maker is the perfect complement to the ribbon.  However, you can use any ribbon with this.  Just push the play button on the video to find out what I think about this new toy.

So, what do you think.  I wonder how anything so simple and low-tech could help me so much.  What about you?  How do you tie your bows?  We would love to see your tips.  Please leave a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by and have a "bowtiful" day.


Georgiana said…
I sure do like to have pretty bows too.

Stay Creative,
Carson's Creations
very nice video!! I too had issues with the double loop bow at first (i had to watch the 3 girl JAM video several times) I used the crafter's companion to do it thought as it has a bow maker ( i would prefer the 3 girl JAM one but right now I will mke do with what I have)I have had a hard time with bows as well but I think I will use my bow maker alot more now!! Can't wait to see some cards with your bows!!
Diane Dupont said…
I love your videos, Cheri! You make everything so clear and easy to follow! :-)
Lisa said…
Awesome tutorial, Cheri!! I just won a 3 Girl JAM bowmaker, so I will be back to watch it again :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Pamela Lash said…
I too bought this wonderful bow maker as I'm bow-challenged and I REALLY appreciate your video. I further echo your comments on the ribbon 3 Girl Jam sells - it's to die for.......thank you so much for your attention to detail on this video!

Mama LoveBug
LoveBug Creations
shelly said…
i just received my 3girls bow maker i LOVE it and wanted to say thank you for the awesome easy to follow tutorial :) oh, i also purchased some crinkle ribbon...gorgeous!

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