New Blog Features

I trust everyone is having a great day.  I went back to work the other night and it went pretty well.  I was grateful for a great crew and a fairly easy shift (I can even say "slow" since its in the past, right?)  I just wanted to let you know about a couple of features that have been added to the blog.  First of all, I now have a blinkie.  Feel free to add it to your blogs.  It is from the  Madeline did a great job.  I would highly recommend her.  I told her about what I liked and gave her my blog address.  She then designed it and sent it to me for proofing.  I loved it.  I only asked her to add one word (sharing) to the original and voila - a blinkie was made.

The second feature is that I have added a "subscribe by email" feature.  I use this feature on some of the blogs that I subscribe to and am always glad to be emailed when they post new projects.


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