"My Anti-Poison Kidney Kit"

Today has been a very long day.  Dad was scheduled to be at the hospital at 9am this morning for placement of his peritoneal dialysis port.  Unfortunately, his platelet count was low and the MD did not want to have surgery until platelets were available "just in case"  It was around noon before he went back for the procedure and then he had a 4+ hour recovery time following a nearly 2 hour procedure.  I'm not used to spending that much time at the hospital without getting paid for it - LOL.  Everything went very well and he is home.  Thanks so much for your prayers.

When my mother-in-law removed his wallet from his clothing, she found this little poem that he wrote yesterday.  I thought I would share.

My Anti-Poison Kidney Kit
Elmo Parish
I had an Anti-Poison Kidney Kit embedded 'neath my skin,
Now when I want the poison out, I merely plug it in!
And as I dose or soundly sleep, my APKK toils
To rid my body of toxic power, restoring strength in hours.

And when the poison of my sin my soul attacks,
And Satan tempts to lay me low,
I seek my Great Physician's aid
Which cleanses whiter than the snow.

And He takes up His dirk with Spirit power,
And begins to purify my guilty soul;
And I plead again the heavenly goal:
The blood of Christ has made me whole!

On the way home, I received a phone call with some great news.  I'll share later with another post.  Let's just say it  involves travel.  Woot! Woot!

 I'm off work for the next 3 days and I will be spending much of it getting projects done.  I have so many things to finish before starting another long week on Monday.  Keep checking for these great projects as well as Super Supplies Saturday and Terrific Tools Tuesday.


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