Christmas Craft Planning, Prep and Organization

I'm not one to rush the Christmas season before Thanksgiving.  I think that we really need to take time to focus on being thankful.  However, I know that there are some things that I have to start early or I won't have time to finish without becoming too rushed.  Christmas crafting is one of those things.  This is especially important this year as I'm working on a huge project for our families in addition to the large amount of Christmas cards that I try to get done annually.  This year I decided to organize a little differently.

I have a 3 level crate that I store my Christmas paper and embellishments in.  It helps keep them organized and not mixed into all of the crafting goodies.  I started by pulling them out and going through the craft room, grabbing anything Christmas related that wasn't already in the crate.  I then pulled the crate and and sorted everything into piles.  Though I left a few ribbon spools on the holder, I even found some Christmas ribbon and lace to add to the mix.

Now the project I'm working on, requires a LOT of paper and there is no way that everything was going back into that crate with all the paper I added this year.  That was no problem. I just added all the small paper pads, embellishments and accessories back into the crate. I stacked the 12X12 pads up so that I could go to work on my big project.

Once all of that was put away, it was time to make another run through the craft room to gather all the Cricut cartridges, stamps, stencils, embossing folders and dyes into one place.  I also ran through to see if there were any other items I missed on my first pass-through.  Anything that would be used for Christmas crafting was gathered together and placed in one spot.

Now that everything is pulled together, I can continue moving forward on Christmas crafting little by little as time allows without searching for all my Christmas supplies.  They are out and ready to go.  Not only that, but I have a little time to decide how I will organize these items back into the mix when it's time to put things away.

The best part is that now that I've really looked at all that I have gathered, I've decided that I shouldn't need to buy much more for crafting this Christmas season.  I picked up my Cocoa Daisy kit, a few rolls of Washi and I hope that I'm good to go for scrapbooking, cardmaking, December Daily and planning.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


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