My Colorado Home

Colorado is the land of my birth.  You can take the girl out of Colorado, but Colorado is still in the girl.  It is the land I will always consider home, though I haven't lived there in a very long time.  When I was 14, I had crossed eyes.  The local eye doctor really wasn't able to treat them, though he had tried.  I was blessed enough to be taken to one in Colorado Springs.  It took several trips back and forth from my little home town to complete treatment.  At that time, I stated that if I ever had to live in a big city, I would like it to be Colorado Springs.  Over the next few years, I would make a few trips there and would enjoy the scenery surrounding the area.

As my love and I prepared for marriage, he decided to move to Colorado Springs to seek a job.  We were married January 1, 1991 and spent the first 3 months of our marriage living there.  I loved it.  It was a great place to live.

Now much of this area is burning along with many other areas in the land of my birth.  It breaks my heart to see.  However, what breaks my heart even more than the beautiful land that is burning are the men and women who are hurting.  I have prayed many times today for the firefighters, for the people, and for rain.  I know that there are also fires raging in Wyoming and Utah.  Please remember these places in your prayers.


Rhonda Miller said…
It is just devastating to see all these fires burning in the west. I've been praying for everyone who has been and are being affected by the fires.
Lisa said…
I've been saying lots of prayers. I have a bunch of friends in Colorado Springs and I've spent lots and lots of time there with my old job. It breaks my heart.

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