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Hello everyone.  This is a different kind of post for me.  I haven't spent much crafty time lately.  I know I posted a few projects earlier in the month but they were actually projects that I completed by June 2nd and just spread them out.  Want to know why?  I was on vacation!  Woo Hoo.  My husband's nephew married a beautiful young lady so we flew to South Carolina to share their special day.  We decided that we were going to take a few extra days with just the 4 of us so we drove over to North Myrtle Beach and had a great little vacation.  Despite the fact that we were near the beach, we only spent a couple of hours actually at the beach.  We had a great time!

Here was my attempt at body boarding.  It was so fun (minus the mouth and nose full of water).

My son had researched the area prior to vacation and decided he wanted to take a ride on the Sky Wheel - a 200 foot Ferris wheel.  This is my husband and I inside our little gondola.  It was so beautiful.  We spent time playing miniature golf, sleeping, shopping, sleeping, reading a book as a family, sleeping, and enjoying the local cuisine.  We also went to the Ripley's 5-D theater where it felt like you were on a roller coaster and you felt water and snow spraying you.  I don't do roller coasters!  I would have been in trouble if I hadn't been able to remind myself that we weren't really flying through the air and falling off cliffs.  Did I mention we also spent time sleeping?  I think I'm almost caught up lol.  The wedding was beautiful!  We are so happy to welcome Katie to the family.  We also spent time at the Bob Jones bookstore and Majesty Music while in Greenville.

We have now been home since last Tuesday night.  I have worked a couple of shifts already and am scheduled to work 6 of the next 8 days.  Hopefully I will have some time to craft after that!

Kristal at Getting Cricky is challenging people to use re-usable coffee cups.  You can see her challenge by clicking here.  Here is my picture with my favorite to go mug.  I use it mostly on Sunday.  We have coffee time between Sunday School and AM Worship.  I like to take my own in this mug instead of grabbing it then.

I didn't put a picture of my most frequently used re-usable mug though.  That's because it is at work waiting for me to fill it tomorrow.  I bet you know the kind of mug I'm talking about.  It is one of those big mugs that you get when you have to stay in the hospital and they keep it filled with water.  I use it almost every shift.  When I'm good I fill it with water and my favorite purple Mio.  When I'm not so good (which is more often), I walk down to the cafeteria and fill it with icy and delicious Diet Coke.  It's perfect for those 12 hour + shifts!

I hope you all are staying well hydrated this Summer.  Have a great day.  I hope to be back with a project soon, but it may be several days.


Looks like you had fun on your trip!! I love South Carolina!! We went there when i was 16 and we are hoping to take my daughter there next march!!Hopefully you will find time to craft after your shifts!!
Lisa said…
Your trip sounds like so much fun, Cheri!! I was in the Myrtle Beach area earlier this year...just south in Surfside. LOVED it!! So want to go back!! Glad you had a great time, my friend :)

Hugs, Lisa
A Mermaid's Crafts
Unknown said…
You so deserved this trip! it sounds like you had a much needed rest, and quality time with the family. I will be looking forward to seeing your latest creations.
So glad you had a nice vacation! I use a reusable coffee cup...I never buy coffee it is called a mug!

Well that is good news! You can read about my adventures on my blog today!



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