Pulling Weeds

I had a pretty busy day today.  One of the things on my agenda was pulling some of the weeds that have grown in my front yard.  This is definitely not my favorite chore, but it needed to be done anyway.  While pulling those weeds, I made a couple observations:

1. The weeds did not start out being the big weeds they were now.
2. Most of the weeds grew where nothing else was growing.

It didn't take me long to see some parallels to my own life.  Like weeds, sin is a big problem to me and to all of human kind.  Usually we don't commit the "big sins" all of a sudden.  Oh no, like those weeds they sneak up a little at a time.  Fear, pride, covetousness, selfishness, and rebellion all start as little seeds that continue to grow as they are watered.  Like my weeds that had begun where nothing else was growing and beginning to encroach on my lawn, sin finds empty soil delightful and then it spreads and spreads.  When my life is not filled with the Lord and His Word, the weeds of sin gain a stronger foothold.

 As I continued to pull weeds I also realized how long I had been thinking that as bad as my weeds were, they weren't as bad as other yards I had seen around town.  Sound a little like what we do with sin?  We can always find someone who has "bigger sins" than ours.  It makes it so much easier to justify our "smaller sins" that way.  It was time for me to not worry about what other weeds I had seen and just get mine cleaned out.  Friends, that's what I want in my life.  I want a weed free heart, ready to hear my Master's call.  How about you?


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