Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Blog?

Recently I've been considering the idea of blogging.  My first real exposure to the world of blogs was several years ago when people that I knew began blogging.  Most of these were theologically based - some quite deep.  About a year ago, I was introduced to coupon / shopping blogs.  Until that time, I hadn't realized that blogs were more than discussion boards.

Enter the world of craft blogs - especially paper crafting!  I discovered that there are a lot of creative people blogging.  I get so many ideas for craft projects when going through these blogs.  Today I found a blog I'd never seen before.  This blog combined  paper crafting with a love for God.  What a thought!

Many years ago, I put a few of my thoughts on various scripture passages down on paper with the idea of one day writing a devotional book for women.  The busyness of life and other distractions got in the way before I got very far.  Since that time, my life has changed in so many ways and I'm not sure I'll ever get back to that project.  That's OK with me.

So this is how blogging is going to become a part of my life.  I first of all plan to use my blog as a place where God is honored and glorified.  When He brings something to mind, I plan to put it here.  I also plan to use this as a place to post my paper projects.  Last of all I plan to use this blog as a place to update what's going on in my family and life.  I don't know how often I will post items.  It all depends on what is going on in my very busy life. It won't be perfect (I'm fairly "challenged" when it comes to technology), but it will be me.  That's why I have decided to blog.

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