End of an Era (CTMH)

As mentioned in previous posts, my family and I made a major move in late July.  After nearly 6 months since leaving my old home, I still haven't come to a place to be able to work with Close To My Heart like I once did. After going back and forth to come to this decision, I believe that now is the time to say goodbye. I simply do not have time the to spend. Therefore, January will be my final month to promote it as a consultant. I have an active gathering going on right now at www.djssundries.ctmh.com and I would love for anyone who is interested to be able to join and place a final order with me. There are some great products available right now.
After January, I would like to invite you to reach out to Oma Gloria for your Close To My Heart needs. Watch for a link to her online personal site in February.  Gloria and I were on a design team together years ago and she has been on my CTMH team for around a year or so. I will definitely be purchasing the items that I need from her once my account becomes inactive.
This blog will not be closing nor will my YouTube channel.  I hope to be able to begin actively posting again soon.  In fact, this is one of the influencing factors in finishing up my time with CTMH.  For several years, I have focused most of my crafting efforts and posts using CTMH products.  I have loved my time with them and still plan to use their products, but I am also ready to get back to the freedom of running to the craft store and getting some of the new items available outside of Close To My Heart.  With my work schedule and home life, I simply find that I don't have time to do both. 
Several of the videos that are becoming available currently on my YouTube channel were videos designed for my Close To My Heart club members when the club was active.  Therefore, you will hear comments about me moving, etc.  To clarify, I am not moving again right now.  In fact, I haven't finished unpacking from my previous move.  I am just opening those older videos for public viewing as I believe that they contain content that would be beneficial to beginner paper crafters.  I cannot thank my faithful CTMH supporters enough.  It has been a great journey and I will be ever grateful for the friendships that I have made through this journey.  Thank you for your years of support.
As always, my motto of "enjoying the little things" will remain an active part of my life and crafting life and this change will support that motto.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Remember to take some time to enjoy the little things.


Good luck with moving forward! It is always hard to let things go and make changes! I understand! My crafting has taken a back seat and I miss it so much!
Cheri said…
Thank you Carrie. Hopefully you will be back to crafting soon.

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