BJU Graduation 2011

I must say that my heart is so full that I hardly know where to begin. First of all please don't look too closely for errors. This is being posted from my phone which can be somewhat challenging.

The theme for this year's graduation appeared to be "To God be the glory". There have been so many things to thank the Lord for this on the trip that makes me want to say, "Indeed, to God be the glory"!

Mark, I am so proud of the young man you have become. I am truly honored to be able to celebrate this day with you. I have seen you grow in stature and in spirit and I can truly say, to God be the glory. I never expected a quick trip to Barge though ;)

Spending time with my husband and kids has been great as well. The trip to the beach was so much fun. I only hope that none of those shells had anything living in them still or we may have some interesting odors coming from our luggage. If so, even those memories will be a blessing and I can truly say to God be the glory.

My dear Tammy, it's been far to long! As you said: "there are some friends you could live next door to". Yet the Lord has preserved our friendship for nearly 20 years and even though I hadn't seen you in close to 14, we could pick up a conversation as if it were yesterday! Missy, you have grown into a beautiful young woman and all I can say is "to God be the glory!"

There were so many other friends from Antioch that we were blessed to see: the Armstrongs, the Guillens, and Dr. and Mrs. Mincy. You will all never know what an influence you have been to our lives and our ministry. To God be the glory.

Moving through the years brings us to our Farmington family. It was such a blessing to see Tim and Jonathan, the Austins, and the Deets. You are so close to our hearts and it was so good to feel your warm hugs. How can we do anything but give God the glory for seeing you again?

Which then brings us to our NBM family. What fun we had running into Jed and Caleb as well as the Harley Johnson's. Congratulations Brittney and the Acree family as well as Ruth and the DuPont family. I believe we will see the rest of you tomorrow. It was also so very good to see some of the David family. And again- to God be the glory!

Despite a very busy schedule, the Millers have opened their home to the Parishes once again. Thank you so much. The Martin family also opened their home to this large bunch of strangers. Wow! I wonder if they really knew what they were getting themselves into? There are quite a few of us! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Which brings the last group of people I want to talk
about - the Parishes. Unless I'm missing something, all but 4 of us (+ their extended families) are here right now. It has been so good to see all of you again. We are all together and so far, no one is sick or hurt (Ok, there was that whole perforated (?) eardrum thing), but for the most part, we are all fine. The family is growing - to God be the glory!

There is still more planned for tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!


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